Modern and dynamic, ambitious and flexible while at the same time experienced and reliable – these are the characteristics of the insurance company EUROINS INSURANCE AD Skopje. Our team of over 130 top professionals offers insurance across the country through the widespread network and presence in key regional and administrative centers through employees and insurance agents.

The educated and dynamic staff contributes to the success of the company by managing the risks assumed in accordance with the company’s capacity.The goal of EUROINS is to achieve the leading position in the Macedonian market by offering a wide range of quality and unique insurance products conferring to the modern standards and the concept of intelligent insurance.

EUROINS leading principle is flexibility and adaptation to the market conditions and the customer needs, while the ambitious development plans result in a continuous growth of the market share and the company’s profits. The total profit of the company in 2018 reached 558 thousand Euros, which resulted in a fantastic growth of 157%, a trend that is expected to continue. The same year the gross written premium increased by 18% compared to GWP in 2017.

The company’s model offers intelligent insurance products covering a wide range of risks by providing a multifaceted offer to its customers.

The EUROINS portfolio includes 15 classes of non-life insurance against various risks including property insurance, motor vehicle insurance, insurance of aircrafts and ships, accident insurance, health insurance, cargo or goods in transit, general liability insurance, insurance guarantees, financial loss insurance.

The company has two and a half decades experience. It was founded in 1995, and since 2008 it is predominantly owned by the EUROINS INSURANCE GROUP (EIG) Sofia from Bulgaria (member of the Holding Company EUROHOLD BULGARIA Inc.), which owns over 90% of the company’s capital.

EUROINS is a socially responsible company that invests in the local community through sponsorships, donations and support primarily to the sports sector.

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