Fintechguardian is a non-for-profit legal entity registered under ID 205442992 in the Trade Registry Agency of R Bulgaria. THE ASSOCIATION acts as an independent expertise center that aims at representing, protecting, and defending at European and national level the interests of all Fintech users and stakeholders such as but not limited to financial services users and consumers residing in the European Union and in the countries members of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).THE ASSOCIATION its objectives with the following basic means:

  1. Assistance in enhancing the theoretical training of the personnel employed in the field ofFintechservices;
  1. Preparation and organization of educational and social projects for the purpose ofachieving the above mentioned objectives.
  1. Independent study of the legal framework, public attitudes and practices in the sphere of protection of consumers ofFintechservices, which will serve for the preparation of analyzes and prognoses for the development trends.
  1. Providing advisory functions to help state authorities and public organizations on the formation ofFintechconsumer protection criteriaand standards for Fintech services.
  1. Maintaining cooperation relations with state institutions, higher education institutions, cultural and social institutes in order to work onFintechissues.
  1. Establishment and maintenance of international contacts, attraction of prominent foreign scientists in the implementation of projects. Organization of exchange of specialists in order to increase the scientific and administrative capacity of experts in theFintechservices.
  1. Organization of public and professional forums – conferences, seminars and other events devoted to global, regional and national aspects of the problems of the development of consumer protection ofFintechservices.
  1. Providing an information and consulting productsthrough electronic exchange on the Internet.
  1. Combine efforts with similar organizations in the country and abroad.