The Economic Chamber of Macedonia is a business and professional association of approximately 15,000 enterprises which are its members on a voluntary basis. Among the members there are large domestic market participants that have dominant share in GDP creation, foreign trade, employment, payments to the state budget, etc.

It is one of the oldest institutions established on the territory of the country, being established in 1922, initially as a Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Over the decades, regardless of the changes in the society and in the economic system of the country, the Economic Chamber of Macedonia has always been a representative body protecting the professional and economic interests of its members. At the same time, it has contributed immensely to the development of the Macedonian economy.

The Economic Chamber of Macedonia has a wide range of activities. It issues various documents for the needs of all the companies in the country (certificate of origin, ATA Carnets, recommendations, opinions) and confirms facts and documents aiming to facilitate the movement of goods. The Economic Chamber of Macedonia pays special attention to the production quality improvement and in the scope of it for the implementation of the quality standards from ISO 9000 serial, environmental protection standards ISO 14000, food products quality standards HACCP and others, as necessary prerequisite for enabling the Macedonian products’ competitiveness on world markets. The Chamber organizes specialized events at which business presentations are being made. It is also a point at which valuable information are exchanged among domestic and foreign business entities.

The Economic Chamber of Macedonia is a member of the International Chamber of Commerce with a seat in Paris, the Eurochambres seated in Brussels, the Association of the Balkan Chambers and other regional and international economic associations.

There a number of business associations operating within the Economic Chamber of Macedonia. One of them is the Association of financial organizations, which includes representatives from the insurance companies, pension funds, leasing companies, banks and other financial organizations. This association provides its members with the opportunity to share views regarding important developments in the financial sector, organizes specialized events, etc.. More…