Dr. Andreas Theodorou is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Responsible AI Research Group, led by Prof. Virginia Dignum , at Umeå University. Dr. Theodorou is working at producing techniques and tools for the design, implementation, and deployment intelligent systems, while taking into consideration the socio-economic, legal, and other ethical issues and challenges that arise from integrating AI into our societies. His ongoing work is funded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and the Horizon2020 AI4EU project.

In parallel to his current post, he is an active member of various AI Governance initiatives (e.g. IEEE SA’ P7001 series, ISO JTC1/42, BSI ART/1) and of AI Ethics boards (e.g. ROXANNE project).

Prior to his current post, Dr. Theodorou undertook his doctoral studies at the University of Bath Intelligent Systems research group under the supervision of Dr. Joanna J. Bryson. His Doctoral Thesis, titled AI Governance Through a Transparency Lens, provides the knowledge and tools to implement transparency in AI, while also exploring human moral-decision making and cooperative behaviour.

In the past, he has been a Teaching Fellow at the University of Bath (2017-18), a Visiting Scholar at the Georgia Institute of Technology (2016), Teaching Assistant and then Head Tutor at the University of Bath (2015-17), and a Machine Learning Researcher (Research Officer) at the University of Surrey (2015).