As a financial economist with 15+ years of experience in teaching and research, I help policymakers and companies to understand better the economic problems they face and provide them with appropriate solutions. My current work focuses on the impact of bank regulation on the financial industry and economic growth and on measuring systemic risk in the financial system. The European Central Bank uses my bank and sovereign risk indicators for regular monitoring and reporting. My further expertise lies in the fields of International Macroeconomics, Forecasting, International Finance, FinTechs and Digitalization, Bank Resolution, Banking and Financial Stability, Credit Risk, Contagion, Sovereign Risk, Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis and Econometrics.

Apart from teaching at the university level for more than 15 years, I have presented the outcomes of my research at various international conferences and central bank workshops. Therefore, I have extensive experience in delivering complex concepts to a wider audience in an effective and understandable manner.